What constitutes a Safe Space
A Safe Space can be attributed to any group or gathering that enables people to speak openly and honestly about their thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences.
Purpose of a Safe Space
The purpose of sharing these things among a group is to
gain insight
self-awareness, and
about a problem which provides an opening to accessing the group's wisdom in order to make meaning from a shared experience or developing actions to solve a problem.
How does one know they are in a Safe Space
Everyone in a safe space
trusts and respects each other,
accepts all perspectives even if they’re different to the one they have, and
> knows that no one will be judged, rejected or shamed for anything they share.
What's so special about a Safe Space
All information shared in a safe space is confidential and everyone is aware of, agrees on, and is committed to maintaining a culture of safety by constantly seeking to better understand each other’s perspectives.
People know they’re in a safe space because they feel seen, heard, connected and better than before.

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