All training delivered by Safe Space Health aim to facilitate behavioural insights that motivate behaviour change in relationships and practice. 
The discussions will challenge your current paradigm of knowledge and practice and aim to assist each participant to deepen their understanding of themselves by recognizing our oppressive tendencies that are expressed when our authority, status or safety are threatened.
Booking Policy
All courses are non-refundable so please be certain this is the course for you and you can attend at the scheduled time. If you cannot attend after you’ve purchased the course, the course is transferable to another person.
These courses ARE for you if:
> You’ve acknowledged your privilege in society and you want to create positive change without making being a saviour or expert.
> You’re ready to discover things about yourself that might make you cringe and will also help you align your behaviours with your core values.
> You want to learn ways that you might be oppressing your patients, mentees or peers so that you can cultivate shared power relationships.
> You want to improve the way you communicate that enable people’s growth through mindset shifts.
You want to be able to identify yours and others unconscious biases.
> You’re interested in becoming trauma-responsive and culturally responsive. 
> You’d like to learn about somatic techniques that help you self-soothe, transition from anxious to calm when supporting others and how to soothe others who are upset.
> You’re interested in understanding the role of boundaries and safety and actively make changes to support your wellbeing at work.
These courses are NOT for you if:
> You want to learn how to change other people’s behaviour so that they do what you want.
> You’re only interested in learning about theory and evidence.
> You prefer to learn through lectures delivered by subject matter experts.
> You don’t believe you need to change or you’re not interested in changing how you work with others.
> You need to feel in control all the time.
> You need to be seen as the expert.
> You’re not interested in words like oppression, trauma, self-soothing or learning somatic techniques that help you listen to your instincts, attune to others and co-regulate.
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