Date & Time
July 23  7pm-9pm  EST
July 23  7pm-9pm AEST
July 23  8am-10am GST
2 hour session — with 15 minutes at the end to debrief
Course Fees
150 USD (Payment Option Coming Soon)
Course Aims
In this course we will cover narratives that are commonly used that disempower other or keep them stuck in a sick or victim role, how negative language impacts the self and others, language that soothes and reorients toward a positive future and opportunities to apply positive language in practice that promote meaningful behavioural change. 
Learning Objectives
> Upon completing this course participants will be able to:
> Gain insight into how ones language exposes unconscious biases and beliefs.
> Apply cognitive and somatic techniques to interrupt own deficit-based thinking. 
> Build rapport with others.
> Reframe questions to support growth mindset and vision.
> Identify someone’s priorities, strengths, values and resource.
Delivery Format
In order to facilitate self-awareness, all courses facilitated by Safe Space Health are challenging. We use experiential, somatic and reflective methods to deepen understanding of concepts and discuss how they can be applied to facilitate meaningful change in your own relating dynamics with patients, colleagues and work with others.
We ask that participants be intellectually and emotionally invested in their learning and growth process during the course.
All courses are live on Zoom. 
Sessions are confidential and will NOT  be recorded. A self-assessment will be sent to you prior to the session to familiarize you to the reflective style  of the course. A summary of the session, relevant reading and post-session reflection questions will be emailed within 24 hours of the session. 
Course is limited to 20 participants and is facilitated by two co-facilitators.

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