Health Professionals Burnout Crisis
The quality of health care systems and patient safety outcomes depends heavily on high-functioning health professionals.
Recent data, however, has revealed an alarmingly high prevalence of: 
> burnout 
> emotional exhaustion 
> interpersonal disengagement 
> low sense of personal accomplishment
among healthcare professionals, pointing to burnout rates reaching epidemic levels.
COVID-19 and it's effects on health professionals health & wellbeing
While COVID-19 has become a health care emergency crisis of an unprecedented scale, it is also presenting health care and allied health professionals with workplace hardships & moral dilemmas
This is likely to significantly exacerbate existing burnout levels, and related psychological health & safety issues.
The dawn of Safe Space Health
Safe Space Health aims to meet the need for novel approaches that provide focused support for all health professionals through an anonymous and moderated forum that promotes meaningful outcomes for health professional wellbeing and fulfilment.
The goal is to bring peace to health care through wellbeing support for health care professionals and by focusing on what connects us, rather than what divides us.

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