Anonymous and Moderated Space
Safe Space Health is an app designed to provide health professionals of any discipline with an anonymous and moderated space to disclose their problems without fear of judgement and learn new ways to effectively solve them.
Safe Space Health Moderators
Our moderators are specially trained in line with an innovative new Safe Space Health Coaching Framework to facilitate conversations that coach app users to gain clarity about their problem and focus on their priority need(s) to determine their next step(s) in a focused way.
Safety For All Is Our Priority
When logging into Safe Space Health app, users leave their professional identities and any other identifying information about themselves behind in creating a safe and anonymous space for all.
Text-based Conversations
Conversations within the app are text-based
An open yet anonymous forum enables all users to see what’s being discussed and learn from them. 
Users can also search for specific conversations threads (using #) about their topic of interest.
Group-based Conversations
The purpose of sharing within a group forum is to gain insight and clarity that facilitates self-awareness about a problem. 
This helps any user tap into a growth mindset to work with other users and moderators to make meaning from their problem or develop an action plan to solve it.
Solution-focused Conversations
Both users and trained coaches take responsibility to maintain a friendly and connected culture that’s focused on wellbeing, growth mindset and solution-focused conversations.
Trusting and Respecting Environment
Everyone in Safe Space Health app is expected to maintain a trusting and respectful environment for each other, accepting each other’s perspectives, even if they’re different to the ones they have. 
Engaging in arguments or debates, discussing clinical procedures, advising, counselling, judging, blaming or shaming is not allowed
Instead, users are invited to explore their problems in an empowering way by our coaches to help them discover what they want, need and can do to solve a problem.
Create Polls
To gain others' insights.
Share Your Narrative Reflection
Opportunity for peer-to-peer support and feedback.
"The goal is to focus on what connects us, rather than what divides us."
– The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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