Launching Q1 2019: SafeSpaceHealth App
People come to 'Safe Space' because something is missing in their present world. They want change. 'Safe Space' is a place where change can happen!
SafeSpaceHealth™ provides an anonymous app-based environment in which health professionals can feel free to be open about themselves, their experiences, and so can be supported in taking responsibility for their own wellbeing by the peer supported community and trained Safe Space Health Wellbeing Facilitators.
Healthcare providers want a safer, anonymous and unfiltered way to get help and share their stories
Disclose your difficulties, distress, thoughts, feelings and desires for professional and personal fulfilment in a non-judgemental, anonymous, non-hierarchical & supportive digital 'safe space'
Anytime or place
Introducing brand new framework of healthcare providers' professional fulfilment - linking resources to learning and reflective practice
Facilitated debriefing, reflection, coaching and discussions led by highly skilled moderators / supports
Option for organisations, institutions and healthcare systems to subscribe as 'partner organization' and get 'MyWorkSpace' environment for its health professionals - enabling access to localized, contextualized and anonymized data 
Control of information shared always in the hands of the individual user
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